CFD Scams

CFD Scams

When you trade CFDs, you do not own the asset. It is a remunerative technique. Still it allows you to trade, sell and buy a variety of financial products that help you create a portfolio. This is not an easy way of making money, and you need to be very good with the numbers. Before investing anywhere, you should perform a proper CFD analysis of whether the trade you are going to make will be profitable or not. There are many cheaters and scammers in the market; therefore, you need to be very attentive to any move  since you can be scammed very quickly and lose a tremendous amount.

Let us guide how to spot a scammer:

  • Nonavailability of regulation or unregulated status
  • highly rosy promises
  • Cold calls suggestions
  • Software with a success formula
  • Fake AI
  • insisting you deposit money
  • Advertisements luring you into such lifestyles
  • No proper working space.
  • No background checks
  • No valid legislations
  • Circumvention
  • Poor website
  • Lack of information about their company
  • No certification
  • Never publicly Traded

In this article, we will show you how CFD trading relates to these categories.


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Trading CFDs online

Before trading CFDs, you must know what CFD is. It is a trading system in which you can make profits by selling and buying the assets that are not owned by you. Before you buy the investment, you must adequately look for the asset’s value and correctly predict if the asset value will increase or decrease in the future. You buy the asset when you expect a rise in its importance in the future and sell it when you expect a reduction. You will run a significant risk if you are previously unknown to CFD trading or don’t perform proper CFD analysis. They brokers will use techniques and tactics to boost their sales, and in this way, they trap their clients, and thus it is the client who has to bear the loss. You seriously need to avoid pressurized sales. You need to know the scams and the disadvantages of CFD trading so that you can make reasonable choices.

How does the scamming work

The basic and the most commonly used scam is the agent himself, who is dealing with you. He pretends to be the CFD trading expert and tells you that he will make money when you gain profits, but the truth is the opposite. He makes money by making you spend money on the asset that will make you lose all your money. All these circumstances will lead to the loss of all your money, and the agent will make a considerable profit using your money in the CFD trading. Such scam companies attracts customers through social media postings.  Their post and ads shows you a millionaire looking youngster standing by an exotic car. The company mentions that it will help you make enormous profits on your investments. In this way, people are attracted to CFD trading and are easily scammed because they are not familiar with CFD trading, and soon they lose all their hard-earned money. An honest agent will give you all the necessary information, including the pros and cons of the CFD trading, and will show you all the trading facts and figures

Trading With brokers

You need to keep an ongoing check of your broker. You need to find out what sort of person he is and what he has achieved previously. You must search the market daily, have a sound knowledge of CFD trading, and not rely on the broker and the trading method suggested by him. A scam broker will tell you the positive side of CFD trading and thus will scam you easily.

Statistical comparison of the CFD scams

Statistics 2020 2019
Cases reported 2.4 million (4% rise) 2.304 million
Amount lost 1.5 billion (24% rise) 1.2 billion
Delivery method: Social Media ads 65% 45%

Report a Scam

There are Individuals and companies making the market a safer place.  CFD investments can be a useful way of trading. There are though many blacklisted brokers that are harmful to the business. If you have fallen into a scam or you suspect that a scam has occurred  please contact us as soon as possible and await our consultation. We will try to assist you in every possible way.