Intelligence Reports

Intelligence Reports

Trader Defender is made up of a professional team that can assist you facing any forex or crypto-related fraudulent activity. The team includes advisers that can provide the help you need through intelligence reports. These reports will address questions such as: Where are the scammers located, Where are their assets located, What are their names, etc.

Forex Scams Investigations

If you want to engage in trading with a specific broker or trader or enter a personal relationship with a business partner, there are certain things to know. You must know who you’re dealing with, and Trader Defender knows the best way to find the data you need.

Foreign exchange fraud is not a new concept. Several organizations engage in this fraudulent activity. Some brokers are becoming dishonest with funds and bank transactions. Thus, there needs to be a technique that helps support the victims and stop this system.

Thanks to their severe enforcement actions, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission has helped in ceasing many popular forex scams. Also, the 1982 formation of the self-regulatory National Futures Association helped in lingering some old scams.

It’s a common act for fraudulent brokers to make use of computer manipulation of bid-ask spreads. Between the bid and ask, the point spread shows the commission of a back-and-forth transaction processed via a broker. Please note that the spreads usually differ between currency pairs.

Some organizations are involved in the signal-seller scamming activity. Please note that signal sellers are retail firms or individual traders that provide a system that claims to know the best times to buy or sell a currency pair.

Often, organizations make promises that these signals will lead to wealth. Please note that these individual traders or retail firms flex their muscle regarding the trading experience and show testimonials from specific individuals who vouch for their capabilities and strength.

Aside from the signal sellers, a prevalent problem in the Forex industry is from brokers that don’t allow withdrawal after a deposit was permitted. Besides, some trading platforms don’t operate in accordance with the appropriate liquidity expectation.


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Cryptocurrency Investigations

The structure and purpose of cryptocurrency make it stand out in the market. It was designed to function independently without connection to central banks. Since there is no regulator of this currency, there are bound to be some fraudulent activities behind the scenes.

Cryptocurrency scams appear in different forms. However, they are based on tricking individuals into sending money. Many traders and brokers take advantage of a trader’s drive to make money, especially the unregulated ones.

There are several unregulated brokers in the system today. A good number of these organizations make use of cryptocurrencies and crypto-trading products to conduct scams on individuals.

Most of the unregulated brokers charge ridiculously high amounts for a commission, making it difficult for you to withdraw funds as a trader. Aside from the high commissions, individual brokers make it impossible for you to make a withdrawal. Also, these companies don’t have functional customer support teams.

Disclaimer: According to the Federal Trade Commission Consumer Information, no one can guarantee you as an individual that you’ll make money while trading. Hence, anyone who makes such promises could be a scammer. Celebrity endorsements are not guarantors that the organization is legitimate.

There are several things involved in cryptocurrency, especially when talking about making payments with the currency. Crypto works differently compared to credit cards and debit cards. They don’t have any specific legal protections. We at trader defender can provide specially designed “crypto reports” that will help you trace the movement of the currency and will enable you to get to the source.

More Details on Cryptocurrency scams

Cryptocurrency scams can be in different forms, like Forex scams. Some brokers or traders may promise big payouts that will help in doubling your money in a short period. Please avoid such places. Also, avoid association with those that promise free money in dollars or cryptocurrency for registration or deposits.

Trader Defender understands that some companies don’t have straightforward claims. In other words, they aren’t entirely transparent about their achievements or services as a broker. 

The Trader Defender Team

Due to the emerging problems and challenges in the cryptocurrency and forex markets, the team at gives you all the data you need. Here are some of the reasons why you should consult with them

Intelligence Reports

For the sake of achieving the best results, Trader Defender prepares what is called “intelligence reports”. These reports will inable you to trace the source of the fraudulent activities. As a company, we formulate and present these reports with the needed professionalism. You will get to know all the necessary information in order to win your case.


There’s no cause for alarm. Forex scams and crypto fraud has been around for years. However, brokers and other individuals develop new techniques to persuade people. Hence, it would be best if you were careful in making finance-related decisions. Trader Defender puts their processional experience behind you and makes use of their enhanced investigative reporting. At Trader Defender, they construct a unique technique to meet your specific needs.