Fund Recovery Strategy

Fund Recovery Strategy


There are complex and abundant rules and laws that can apply to credit/debit card transactions, especially if they are deemed as investments.

To the average consumer, Visa/MasterCard guidelines can be very confusing to clarify in light of your specific case.

TraderDefender knows exactly how the correct presentment to the bank must flow, giving you the greatest chance of having your dispute raised. The key is having the bank fight for you, rather than ignore you. We can help make that happen. Because TraderDefense knows how banks work, we help you acquire the highest value fund recovery strategy at a price you can afford.

If and when you experience a transaction gone bad, there are requirements you must fulfill before you can dispute the transaction at your bank.

If you didn’t try to work it out with the other party, your bank could throw your case out before it even begins. TraderDefense knows the rules and processes inside and out, even better than the bank probably does. With a professional team standing behind you, you have a much greater ability to present your case professionally the first time.

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