Fund Recovery Services

Fund Recovery Services

Dispute Write-Up

While the major card and payment networks have a detailed dispute process, navigating the intricacies can be daunting for most consumers. We use our expertise and experience, we prepare a written statement that will present your case, giving you the best chance possible of recovering your funds. This service is recommend if one or more of the following situations apply:

  • A broker’s charge showed up on your bill, but you do not recognize the deposits
  • You thought the brokerage was a legitimate one, but now it’s been revealed they are unregulated
  • You intended your payment or deposit would provide services that were unfulfilled by the broker
  • Your broker did not properly disclose exactly what services were to be provided
  • You were victimized due to the unethical behavior of the broker and/or brokerage

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Regulatory Merchant Evaluation

Today, more than ever, the average consumer needs to be able to engage with trusted merchants online. While many merchants are trustworthy, it is very difficult for most consumers to accurately determine the truth of the matter. The credibility of information presented online always has an agenda consistent with the interests of the merchant.

TraderDefender can call a spade, a spade. We get rid of the uncertainty and provide the clarity you need to determine the merchant’s trustworthiness. With our Regulatory Merchant Evaluations Service, we give you the information to make an informed decision before engaging businesses with a merchant online or know exactly who you are currently engaged with.

This report provides the following information, as relevant:

• If the broker has the necessary license(s) and regulatory status needed to provide the services or products being advertised
• If the broker is able to provide the services or products advertised
• Records of any warning of the broker from credible regulatory bodies worldwide
• In-depth research of the broker’s past complaints and summary of its online reputation
• Cross-check against our database from previously flagged incidents

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Service is also available for clients who would like to research a merchant they are actively engaged with.

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