Financial Regulation

Financial Regulation

Trader Defender roles in financial regulations

Due diligence can be described as an investigation, audit, or review performed, on a business or company’s legal impediments, in this case, to confirm the authenticity and factual accuracy of their financial claims as well as legal documents. Sadly, the average consumer ends up losing about $2,500 to fraud companies and merchants because of failure to implement due diligence on their business counterparts. However, if they did audit their suspicious business partners beforehand but still couldn’t find enough to raise a red flag. They probably didn’t do it sufficiently. 

Advanced methods are established to help curb financial fraud; these fraudsters are also smart enough to create new ‘failproof’ techniques that guarantee your blind investment. As a potential investor in any financial trading platform, be it binary options brokerage, forex trading, or even crypto trading transactions, you are always hunted down by frauds who pose as the solution to your financial desires and the only way to safely and effectively expose them is through Trader Defender. This agency is considered one of the best licensed financial advisors and investors that guarantees consumers exploitation-freedom in the financial market.

This guide aims at addressing the following primary points about this financial advisor that would enable consumers to find a light at the end of the tunnel:

Ø  What is Trader Defender?

Ø  Trader Defender’s services

Ø  Why choose Trader Defender?

Ø  Trading guidelines

Ø  The potential risk posed by ineffective financial investors 


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What is Trader Defender?

Trader Defender is a team made up of intel advisers of due diligence and compliance dedicated to providing consumers with the best business intelligence possible. Since many individuals tend to suffer dire financial consequences of engaging in business with unfamiliar merchants without proper and expected due diligence, we strive to prevent further losses by providing unaware investors with the right tools and information to avoid such loss.

Our agency uses its professionalism and legal insight to investigate and scrutinize every financial claim and legal document involved in trading activity that the client intends on getting involved in. We are technically the only resource that consumers and businesses can get good help with trade. Our agency focuses on detail to provide accurate information that would enable investors to make the right decisions financially and avoid any possibilities of being conned out of their money. 


Trader Defender’s services 


Every financial regulator, investor, and trading advisor was created to provide services to traders, businesses, and consumers to help protect them from dealing with the economic consequences that come with unlicensed merchants and fraud trading solutions. Trader Defender offers the following services that can be considered its primary goals. 

  1. Due diligence services

With the internet dominating every financial marketplace, it has become a much-needed necessity for consumers to be connected to trustworthy merchants. Many of the fraudsters tend to hide behind these virtual storefronts. Determining the credibility of every merchant online has become an exhausting task. Still, Trader Defender can call a spade a spade and help you clear all uncertainty present. Using regulatory merchants’ evaluations service, we provide clarity through accurate information collected from investigations and reviews. 

The information provided comes in the form of a report. It will enable you to make the right decision before engaging in any business with an online merchant. The reports cover the following information:

  • Availability of the necessary licenses and regulatory status required to offer the targeted service or product advertised.
  • Records of any red flags raised or warning on the company from viable regulatory bodies worldwide.
  • Detailed research on the business’ online reputation and previous clients’ complaints.
  • Any previously flagged incidences on the merchant from our database.
  • The capability of the company to provide the claimed products and services.
  1. Business Intelligence

Even though the internet harbours a sea of information that can enable investors to make better decisions, this wealth of knowledge could be their downfall when misused or under the wrong circumstances. People need to know the right type of intelligence to acquire, especially when it comes to financial investment. That’s why professional assistance would always be of great help to them and their funds. 

Trader Defender aims at helping clients who plan to provide you with information that would allow you to know your counter-party to the fullest extent for you to make vital decisions regarding your resources and capital.

Why choose Trader Defender?

Other companies may offer you a thousand reasons as to why you should bank on them for advice, and you probably won’t read them all. However, Trader Defender provides you with the following undeniable reasons as to why we’re the best option for all your financial trading needs:

  1. Quick Processing

Our team of experts is trained with years of experience in preparing diligence reports with utmost efficiency, care, and maximum attention to detail. Every report is formulated and presented with the highest form of professionalism. 

  1. Effective advocacy

With our help, you have an effective team at your disposal to help you collect legal and viable information about any online merchant. 

  1. Enhanced due diligence

We have years of experience with enhanced due diligence that enables you to get all the information you need and don’t know you needed to

Cons of an inefficient regulator

Due to some limitations on government infrastructure in several countries, the regulators may be inefficient or ineffective. Such organizations are usually formed by professionals in the financial market who establish commissions that may seem legitimate but are poorly structured. Consumers are advised to be on their toes when dealing with such ruins of a regulator because their services may end up being non-existent and end up leaving the clients hopeless as ever. These fake regulators are also pretty good at attracting individuals by advertising exemplary services they cannot provide.

Directives to forex traders

CySEC has set aside guidelines that direct forex brokers and traders to the right lawful procedures under its rule. Some of these guidelines include the following:

  • Brokers are required to meet all guidelines about indemnity insurance and guarantee full access to investor compensation funds.
  • A minimum of two people is required for any forex investment plans.
  • Brokers who intend to extend their licensed services should notify CySEC beforehand and provide detailed data of all investment services it wants to offer consumers.
  • CySEC is capable of creating limits, minimal capital requirements, and bonus qualifications.


Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) has made a significant contribution to the Republic of Cyprus and the financial market in Europe at large by protecting and revolutionizing the quality and principles of these markets. It is now easier to avoid being a victim of fraud through scam forex brokers and help reduce the cases of fraud in the financial markets by ensuring that the company you’re trading with is licensed or not. With CySEC, you can use the company’s registration number and check it on the regulator’s platform to confirm a license. 

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