What qualities does TraderDefender possess to ensure better solutions for the client?

Trade defender, an innovative provider of software solutions for matters trade, employs advanced and well researched and tested methods of analysing the markets or specialized segments of a client’s company’s turf, and comes up with the best solutions and advises for the clients. TraderDefender develops financial data management software to suit their clients’ needs and eliminate the cumbersome process of sorting thought bulk amounts of financial data that may also result in a breach and leaking of the same. Trading commodities with an unregulated broker is a risk, and since trade defender is regulated, it ensures that you are safeguarded.

How does trade defender protect investors?

It ensures that relevant consumer protection laws are enforced and adhered to thus preventing investors from being sued. Provision of good quality software with great processing capabilities also helps the investors and the other various beneficiaries of trade defender, including banks, financial advisors, and financial service companies, to divide financial data into small chunks and efficiently offer a unique insight. The institution’s software considers factors such as market volatility and fluctuation of the market environment, thereby generating well-informed insights that smoothen storage and access of data management processes, leading to better financial data management, thus improving financial performance.

Why would I use trade defender?

Imagine being granted access to various tools, techniques, and data used by the various large financial institutions in the world. Trade defender will give you an edge with superior data and tools that provides you with an informational advantage over your competitors, thus ensuring that you remain on top. With the various partnership with institutional data providers, acquisition of the relevant financial data is simplified. In combination with the innovative aggregation technologies at our disposal, you are guaranteed to get the upper hand in the market. Trade defender possesses many perks and innovative and useful technology that you should embrace.

How does trade defender process portfolio optimization service?

Portfolio optimization is the process of maximizing your portfolio’s probability of gaining a positive return for a given level of risk. Trade defender helps you achieve these through various methods such as considering the correlations between the investment returns. The highest level of uncorrelation in the investment is favourable because it maximizes the benefits of diversification. 

Another method is by weighing the expected returns of an investment against risk (their volatilities). The higher the expected return value to the risk, the higher the chances that the investment will yield a positive return.

What are the security measures installed by trade defender?

Trade defenders produce one of the most innovative, secure and confidential software trading solutions and computing solutions on the market. Data confidentiality and integrity is highly encouraged, and security of sensitive financial data in transit is ensured because it cannot be tampered with. With the option of backup in vaults and Kubernetes, data loss is a thing of the past because a copy of the financial data is always available at our disposal.

What are some of the terms and conditions of service of trade defender?

Trade defender id indemnified from all the third-party providers against all claims, demands, actions, or suits resulting from the data provided is faulty or misleading. Trade defender is also solely not responsible for deciding for you but instead tries to offer the best financial take away based on the available data and computations carried out. You are responsible for determining whether any investment or investment strategy is appropriate for you based on your investment objectives.

What is a chargeback?

A chargeback is aimed at reversing money that has already been transferred to an account. For example, if you happen to transfer money to a wrong bank account instead of the targeted one, you can apply for chargeback service and your bank company will guide you through the necessary steps to retrieve it. Similarly, when you transfer money to a broker’s account, either by credit or debit card, but can prove that you haven’t received the services purchased or they aren’t worth the price paid, you can file a complaint that would initiate chargeback service. 

The process can sometimes be complex and involve many participants but mainly involves three main players; the credit card issuer or bank company, the merchant and the transferred money.

What are the reasons to use the chargeback process?

The process can be disputed for a variety of reasons, and the most common ones include:

  • Unauthorized/fraudulent charges
  • Damaged/defective items received
  • Undelivered products
  • Duplicated charges by the targeted merchant.

How long can a chargeback process take?

Consumers must regularly inspect their credit card and bank statements ensuring that the charges indicated are correct. Depending on the complexity of the chargeback request and the issuer, the process of investigating a claim usually takes between four weeks and 90 days. You may even have to wait months to see the money reflected in your account.

Is it possible for consumers to be dishonest on chargeback claims?

Even though chargebacks were put in place to protect the consumer from disloyal merchants and false charges, there are cases where dishonest consumers try turning the tables by making false chargeback claims. This is referred to as chargeback fraud. Some of the reasons why such consumers might do this include:

  • They intend to get the purchases for free
  • Expired refund policy
  • The buyer’s remorse
  • The purchased item is no longer needed
  • Buyers forget they made a purchase