Who is TraderDender?

TraderDefender is a group of professionals dedicated to giving the business intelligence for companies and individuals who require advanced due diligence on their counter-parties.

What is TraderDefender’s goal?

To give the professionalism needed to key decision makers within corporate structures and business relationships throughout the world.

What does TraderDefender specialize in?

Advanced due-diligence services and business intelligence found both within and outside of public domains. We take our experience and give our clients accurate intelligence in order to enable them to make the best decisions possible.

What services does TraderDefender offer?

TraderDefender offers two main services.

1) A Regulatory Merchant Evaluation, which assesses the business/merchant/institution and gives an analysis of their trustworthiness. Today, more than ever, the average consumer needs to be able to know whether or not to engage with trusted merchants online.

2) A Financial Due-Diligence Report, which assesses and examine banking structures and account information.

How much do these services cost?

Costs may vary according to individual cases and their complexity – please contact us for more information.

Why would I want to request this type of information?

Before entering into a business relationship, understanding who you are engaging with is extremely important. Our reports allow you see elements of your counter-party which allow you to make educated decisions.

How does TraderDefender help?

Covid-19 has created an environment of even greater risk in the worldwide economy. Knowing your counter-party is all the more important when making crucial decisions about future relationships.

Disclaimer: TraderDefender is owned MBC Holdings LLC, USA.  The site provides free consultations and fee-based services.

TraderDefender.com does not offer any financial investments or advice.  Address: MBC Holdings LLC 867 Boylston Street, 5th Floor, Boston, MA, US 02116