Due Diligence Services

Due Diligence Services


Corporate Structure Evaluation

Today, more than ever, the average consumer needs to be able to engage with trusted merchants online. While many merchants are trustworthy, it is very difficult for most consumers to accurately determine the truth of the matter. The credibility of information presented online always has an agenda consistent with the interests of the merchant.

TraderDefender can call a spade, a spade. We get rid of the uncertainty and provide the clarity you need to determine the merchant’s trustworthiness. With our Regulatory Merchant Evaluations Service, we give you the information to make an informed decision before engaging businesses with a merchant online or know exactly who you are currently engaged with.  With our Banking Structure evaluations, we provide in-depth information to help uncover financial networks and potential suspicious activities.

This report provides the following information, as relevant:

• If the business has the necessary license(s) and regulatory status needed to provide the services or products being advertised
• If the business is able to provide the services or products advertised
• Records of any warning of the company from credible regulatory bodies worldwide
• In-depth research of the business’s past complaints and summary of its online reputation
• Cross-check against our database from previously flagged incidents

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