About Us

About Us

TraderDefender was founded by a team of financial veterans who are dedicated to fighting back on behalf of everyone who has been victimized by online trading.

Many individuals suffering from unlicensed online brokerages are caught between their evil brokers, their indifferent banks, ineffective local law enforcement, money hungry lawyers, and overly complicated regulatory agencies.

The average investor loses about $2,500 to a criminal brokerage. Who can offer them a strategy to get their money back? TraderDefender.

By putting its professionalism and legal insight at your service, TraderDefender is the only resource available that can effectively help the average investor. Processing cases efficiently but with full attention to detail is what separates TraderDefender from other online fund recovery agencies.

When facing off with an unlicensed online brokerage, there is not much you can do face-to-face. TraderDefender’s team maps out the correct strategy for maximizing your chance to recover your funds. Contact us today!

Disclaimer: TraderDefender is owned by Learn Onlinen LLC.  The site provides free consultations and fee-based fund recovery strategy services.

Those services Chargeback have fees on the type of service selected.

TraderDefender.com does not offer any financial investments or advice.  Address: PO Box 649, 1000 Sofia, Bulgaria