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Professional Team

TraderDefender’s team is comprised of advisers who can assist you. We have the experience in fund recovery strategies and legal assistance.

Online Trading

If you’ve been scammed by Binary Options, Forex or CFD brokers – we can help. Click below to learn more about the options that are available.

Trading Brokerages

Online and unlicensed brokerages can act as criminals. TraderDefender’s team can help you through the process to recovery.

Why Trader Defender?

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Quick Processing

We process our clients’ cases with efficiency, care and attention to details. We will formulate and present them with the professionalism required.

Effective Advocacy

With our support, you have an effective team behind your case. Our knowledge of the Visa/MasterCard schemes and international law can help!

Criminals Need to Pay

Many law enforcement agencies have no jurisdiction over unlisecened brokerages. We know how to apply the consumer rights that protect you.

Unlicensed Brokerages Are Dangerous

To fight scammers, you need to know where they are weakest. We can formulate the strategy that can increase your changes of recovery.

It Can Happen To Anyone

Victims Can Fight Back – Contact Us

Recover Your Funds

Your Case is Unique

We construct a strategy tailor-fit to meet the details of your specific case.

Get Money Back

We can help explain why your chargeback should be processed.

Knowledge Matters

We put our professional experience behind you – you’re in good hands!

Dispute It Right, the First Time.

Your local bank are unfamiliar with processing difficult and complex dispute cases. They may claim that since you made an “investment,” authorized the transaction and signed the terms and conditions, you forfeited your dispute rights. We know how to counter these arguments and explain what really happened!

Disputes against authorized transactions are complex and many times benefit from professional expertise.

Our representatives are always happy and available to assist you!

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