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We have a team of experienced specialist advisors from various professional backgrounds. They have successfully dealt with cases in the regulatory, finance and banking industries, providing incomparable performances and outcomes.


Our experts have vast working knowledge in cryptocurrency transactions, and financial intelligence. They leverage their expertise to submit your case professionally and effectively

Our Network

We have close access to the other site of the disputes. We can see the credits and the banks that the brokers are using and can reach the owners and directors of the fraudulent companies’ .

Consultation Services

We advise potential investors to consult us before you make any trade or investment online! That way, you’ll be able to know whether the ‘online broker’ you’re dealing with is legit or not! That way, you’ll be protected from frustration as well as victimization. 

How to understand if you are a victim?

Are you unable to withdraw?

Has your account been suspended?

Is your money missing from your account?

How can we help you?

Are you asked to pay suspicious fees before you can withdraw your money from an online trading platform?

Did you make excess loss trading online due to poor guidance from your account manager?

Are you in the middle of a trading scam?

We are ready to offer you a helping hand immediately!

Unlike most business intelligence companies around we keep our clients informed at all stages of our investigation with full transparency from stage to stage. We also encourage you to meet with us in person and check out our registration details.

Globally, our specialists have been ranked  at the top among business intelligence companies.

Make a move by filing a complaint to our team of professionals today in order to enable us to do our best to regain your financial security. Never give scammers the chance to destroy your health and financial security.


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We resolve these types of financial scams

CFD Scams, Forex Scams, Crypto Scams, etc.

  • CFD Scams

Trading Contract for Difference is often referred to as CFD trading. Here, you can bet money on the rise or fall of fast-moving currencies or stocks in financial markets globally.

Through convincing ads online, scammers deceive potential and unsuspecting investors to join their fake online trading sites. The scammers make you believe you will become a millionaire after trading for just 1 hour a day.

You will surely lose your money if you eventually sign up with such unregistered brokers. Tracing funds lost through CFD scams can be tricky in regions that do not have CFD regulations. This is where we come in.

  • Forex Scams

The FX market is the most significant financial market globally, considering that it trades up to $5 trillion a day. In just a limited time of trading, you can gain or lose a substantial amount. This is not a surprise anymore! The FX market has become a dwelling place for many scammers online.

These illegal companies start by asking you to deposit the sum of $250. In the early stages, you will be allowed to place trades, and your account might grow to a $1,000 or more in a few days. At this point, the unsuspecting trader starts to believe he or she is making fast cash without realizing they are being scammed gradually. Subsequently, the trader will be asked to deposit more money before making their first withdrawal not knowing they are being scammed. This is how forex scams work.

  • Cryptocurrency Scams

This is a currency in digital form. It was created as a medium for exchange, authenticating asset transfer, and protecting financial transactions.

The two most popularly traded cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin and Ethereum . Scammers are increasing in numbers every day just as these cryptocurrencies are getting more popular. Most scammers scam beginners using fake altcoins by making them understand that it is better than bitcoins. They make the unsuspecting beginners believe that altcoins will rise in the future. Assuming it is a great investment deal, the beginners trade their bitcoins for the fake crypto without knowing that they are being scammed.

  • Other financial scams

There are many different online scams in addition to the above mentioned scams. New scamming methods are employed on a daily basis by scammers. Please contact Traderdefender.com for assistance if you suspect that you are being scammed. Some of these other online scams include; Fake security regulators, Flight refunds, Gift card scams, Medical malpractice lawsuits, Grandparent scams, Binary options scams, Online pharmacy scams, Foreign student visa scams, Holiday and vacation scams, IRS and social security scams, Pet scams, Hacking, Celebrity scams, Romance scams, and Coronavirus

Our Assistance

We know that dealing with issues of fraud is not easy. However, Traderdefender will ensure that scammed victims will be assisted. These processes enable scammed victims to regain financial security.

There are multiple steps required for each online scam case to reach a successful solution:

  • Complaint filing
  • Assessment of the case
  • Strategy selection
  • Taking action
  • Patience
  • Solving the issue
  • Complaint filing

To inform us about any online trading scam, you can contact us in a variety of ways: Phone, mail or just by pressing the “report a scam” button and fill out a very short questionnaire. We need all the necessary details surrounding the fraud that took place when contacting us via mail.

  • Assessment of the case

Our team of experts regularly review each case to find out if and how to proceed. Our successful conclusion of a case is usually based  on our teams assessment at the early stages of a process 

  • Strategy selection

Our experienced team takes a critical look at each case and the best strategy will be selected. The options might vary and the selection will be made in consultation with a variety of experts. You the client will be involved at this step in the process as well

  • Taking action

Usually the first action to be considered is the ordering of intelligence reports. In case of a “crypto scam” a specially designed “crypto report”  will be ordered. This will enable us to trace the potential scam and lead us to the scammers. From this point we will confront the issue heads on! 

  • Patience is vital

We want you to know that every case is unique and some are rather complex. However, various financial authorities might be involved. It might take some time for such cases to be resolved. Cases vary; depending on each individual case, it might take between 1 to 6 months to be solved.

  • Solving the issue

We regularly reach an agreement with the necessary authorities after following up on the case and getting the required answers. Resolving your case will help you regain financial security and make your future choices more educated and you will be able to protect your assets with confidence.

Report a Scam

If you fall victim to an online scammer, make sure you never let them escape with such an act. Ensure the scammer is reported to the relevant authorities to protect others from being scammed by the same scammer.

How and where to report an online trading scam

Regardless of how insignificant you feel the detail might be, always make sure you provide as many details as possible when filing a report. This includes: broker names, deposit dates, type of transactions performed, payment methods and the type of service that you the client expected to get and why you believe that you have fallen victim to fraudulent activities’.